And today I really need one.

That’s Mamrie Hart, one of the best things on the internet!

Sara Lance - Arrow S02E13 (Heir to the Demon)

Just testing color. I need to practice more tho.

Kendall Quinn - Super Fun Night (S01E16 Lesbihonest)

So I did another quick sketch (20’ this time) waiting for another series to download. I really like Kendall, I think of all characters she’s the one who had the most development so far. 

Quick sketch (30”) while waiting for the episode to download.

Emily Fields on the special noir episode.

Jemma Simmons

When the sea grows rough, you come to Max.

Self Portrait


Poisoned apple ring

you can buy it here

This defines me.

I really do…

Happy Birthday Seeeestra. From all your favorite girls…

We are both working like hell this days, but I couldn’t let you birthday pass without a decent post. And I bet that you are working right now, going crazy with all those classes. 

It really sucks that you live on the other side of the world, you know? Why you don’t live near me? GOD DAMN!

Anyway, I think we are getting old for tumblr…. MUAH AHAA H AHA H AHA HAHAHAHA

PS: I didn’t make all of your favorite girls, because you are as multifandom as I am, and I don’t have the time to draw 392874983749273 girls.. MAUAH AH AH HA AH AH

PS2: I don’t think this post makes any sense… God, I really need to sleep.

Murkrow made it with paper.

After the great sucess of the first generation of Pokémon illustrated by 152 Brazilian artists (151 pokémon + MissingNo), 2minds decided to reunite 100 more artists to create the second generation: Johto!

To know more about the project, click here

Not new… REBORN…

  • After looking at Justin Chan’s Kanto Pokedex Project with 151 different artists from all over the World, we (Luiza and Thiago from 2Minds Studio) decided to organize a version of our country!!
    In this version, they invited only Brazilian artists to make a fully Brazilian collaborative project like we never seen before.
    Obviously mine was Tentacruel.
    And you can check them all here

Wolf (x)

Photoshop, Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Trying to transform my animations in gifs… But this tumblr size limit really sucks.

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