Hi there!

Anonymous asked: would you ever make a tutorial about how you create those animations? :)

Hey Anon. I never thought about that, but I guess I can make one. :)

Anonymous asked: which program do you use to make gifs like the holy trinity one? and how long did it take you to do it? :) i'm fucking impressed i wish i had those skills

First of all, thanks anon! 

For the Holy Trinity gif I used the illustrator cs6 to make the design and after effects cs6 to make the animation. It took about an hour to make the design and 20 min to animate the gif. 

I usually spend about 1h30m to make a gif like that. And sometimes I use photoshop cs6 to make the design.

So I finally finished the project that I was working on.

Oni - Street Fighter IV

Oni (“Demon”), also known as Kuruoshiki Oni (“Mad Demon”), is a character in the Street Fighter series. He makes his debut in the Arcade Edition update of Super Street Fighter IV as a secret boss and a playable character. Oni is in fact Akuma, who has let the Satsui no Hado consume him.

This project was made 100% with paper and glow under black light (as you can see on the last picture)

The first picture is me holding him so you can see the size.

You can check the rest of the collab here